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Welcome to the Kramerius Information Portal!

by Tomáš Foltýn last modified 2016-03-03 09:25

Here you can find information on the digitisation of the modern collections of the National Library of the Czech Republic (NL CR), which has been taking place within the homonymous project. The main aims of the project are to digitise and subsequently make accessible first the modern periodicals and monographs and thereafter also other documents comprising the national cultural heritage. To this end, the NL participates in a number of national as well as international projects, on which we also wish to inform you here.

An integral part of this portal will also be data on the course of digitisation in the NL as well as topical information on the documents that have been made accessible, events and conferences, etc. Furthermore, we would like to draw your attention to other digital libraries and digitisation workplaces in the Czech Republic.

Professional public will surely welcome links to both national and international norms, information on projects dealing e.g. with long-term storage systems or reports on the conception of the Czech Digital Library.

Kramerius NL CR

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